louisiana plumbing institute

Our Mission

To learn anything takes time. To remember something takes repetition. Study somewhere that will teach you something you won’t forget.

Our in-class related instructional training intends to provide a neutral setting that will allow apprentices to retain what they learn and use it when they need it most.

Apprentices will receive along with the core requirements: tools to be better communicators; learn how proper plumbing helps to keep the world safe; skills testing and training modules with a licensed plumber that will provide feedback for improvement.

Cost of Attendance

$700.00 Tuition per semester (Spring and Fall)

$165.00 Textbook and Workbook--$165.00 (one time fee)

$ 50.00 Apprenticeship Fee--$50 (ID card paid annually)

$ 50.00 Class Materials--$50 per semester (Spring and Fall)

About LPI

Classes are taught by licensed plumbers.

Supplemental informational training provided by leading supply companies of the Plumbing Industry.

In Class and Online options available

SBET for Employers available

Student Resources